FFmpeg Static Builds

Welcome! Here you'll find the latest versions of FFmpeg for Linux kernels 2.6.32 and up. Each build includes ffmpeg, ffmpeg-10bit, ffprobe, qt-faststart, and all the man pages in both text and pdf format. For installation instructions please read the FAQ.

Note: it's highly recommended to use git builds, because bug fixes and other improvements are added on a daily basis.

All static builds available here are licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3. If you appreciate this up-to-date build of FFmpeg and my time that goes into to maintaining it, please consider making a donation. Thank you.

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                  git: 8a8d0b319 built on 20180216
            x86 build: ffmpeg-git-32bit-static.tar.xz - md5

         x86_64 build: ffmpeg-git-64bit-static.tar.xz - md5

          source code: git build

              release: 3.4.2
            x86 build: ffmpeg-release-32bit-static.tar.xz - md5

         x86_64 build: ffmpeg-release-64bit-static.tar.xz - md5

          armel build: ffmpeg-release-armel-32bit-static.tar.xz - md5

          armhf build: ffmpeg-release-armhf-32bit-static.tar.xz - md5

          arm64 build: ffmpeg-release-arm64-64bit-static.tar.xz - md5

          source code: release build

                  gcc: 6.3.0
                 nasm: 2.13.03

               libass: 0.14.0
               libvpx: 1.7.0-113-g93da1ba2d
              libx264: 0.155.2901 7d0ff22
              libx265: 2.6+42-52782aeb2081
              libxvid: 1.3.4-1+b2
              libwebp: 0.5.2 
              libzimg: 2.7.4
            libgnutls: 3.5.17
            libtheora: 1.2.0alpha1+git
            libfrei0r: 1.5.0-1
           libvidstab: 1.10
          libfreetype: 2.6.3-3.2
          libopenjpeg: 2.3.0 

              libalsa: 1.1.5
              libsoxr: 0.1.3b1
              libopus: 1.3-beta
             libspeex: 1.2
            libvorbis: 1.3.5
           libmp3lame: 3.100 
        librubberband: 1.8.1 
       libvo-amrwbenc: 0.1.3-1
    libopencore-amrnb: 0.1.3-2.1+b2
    libopencore-amrwb: 0.1.3-2.1+b2